Mean Wendy Band

The Mean Wendy Band is a folk-rock-do-wap-a-cappella-ragtime-sing-a-long comedy group fronted by song-writer and singer, Wendy Lenhart. She is accompanied, as always, by her trusty Man Band of Ryan T. Barlow, Brian Kelly, Dan Kristie and Zachary Wiseley. Together they write & perform original music.

Philadelphia Homebase December Show

Well look at us starting a blog! It seems appropriate as we ride on the coattails of a great show at the place it all began. It is approaching 2 years ago that my dear friend Joe Gates gave me 10 minutes to fill in his monthly show- just me and some nonsense I wrote on my ukulele. Last night we were in our full 5-musician-strong glory. You gotta love my handsome and talented Man Band. (I do.)

Our audience was gracious and ripe for participation, just the way we like them. Our new, "Mean Wendy Dance" was brought to life with their coordinated dance steps. Speaking of coordination, we shared the bill with the lovely and talented Shushanna  for a sweet little encore performance of "Jesus Don't Love You the Way That I Do." Imagine the raw angst of that song interpreted by a professional belly-dancer. It was pretty sweet.

We also shared a new song to our Philadelphia gang. (Sorry, New York saw it first.) It's a whimsical children's song that geeks are sure to appreciate. Just ask comedian Bobby Lang. We posted his photographic interpretation of the performance on our Facebook wall.

More later. Be nice!

(And thanks to MWB fan Laura Houston for the photo we used for the thumbnail on this post!)

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