Mean Wendy Band

The Mean Wendy Band is a folk-rock-do-wap-a-cappella-ragtime-sing-a-long comedy group fronted by song-writer and singer, Wendy Lenhart. She is accompanied, as always, by her trusty Man Band of Ryan T. Barlow, Brian Kelly, Dan Kristie and Zachary Wiseley. Together they write & perform original music.

Where have we been? <angst!>

Hi. It’s Wendy. From Mean Wendy Band. You know, the singer. We have had a very long span of not updating the website because we’ve been working on a few pretty exciting things. We love to perform, but we also prefer to have solid, well-rehearsed sets that “make you feel like you’re petting a really fun dog” (to quote our friend, Cat London.) Please check out the list below to see what we’ve been up to and what is to come!

  1. The band members whose names rhyme (Ryan the Bassist and Brian the Drummer) are dads. Congratulations to their respective wives and families. May these band babies continue to be awesome 2 year-olds who are cute and potentially take-up music in the future.

  2. We are working with our friend, Curt Reidy to produce a music video for “Swing Your Dick Around.” We have already started to plan production and shooting the video will start at the beginning of September 2019.

  3. Wendy and Ryan are working on writing some character songs for one of our actor friends. We like her, we just don’t want to be tacky name-droppers.

  4. We are also working on new songs, but at a leisurely, summer pace. Great comedic art takes time, people.

So that’s our update. We’ll be back in performing mode more towards the latter part of 2019.


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