Mean Wendy Band

The Mean Wendy Band is a folk-rock-do-wap-a-cappella-ragtime-sing-a-long comedy group fronted by song-writer and singer, Wendy Lenhart. She is accompanied, as always, by her trusty Man Band of Ryan T. Barlow, Brian Kelly, Dan Kristie and Zachary Wiseley. Together they write & perform original music.

The Mean Wendy Dance: A Rockumentary

You may know it or this may be news to you, but the Mean Wendy Dance is going to change the world- so much so that we made a rockumentary about it this past weekend. It's just a step to the right, and then a step to the left... you know how it goes! The rockumentary business all started back in September when Wendy met Alyssa and Elaine of Brazen NYC Videography at buddy, Cat London's EP Release party. As luck would have it, Wendy won a videography package in a raffle and the ladies have been plotting some video comedy collaboration ever since!

Months of planning came to fruition at the Friday, February 3rd Comedy Show Gates monthly First Friday Show which was filmed and will be featured in the Rockumentary. Lucky audience members served as extras simultaneously performing the "Mean Wendy Dance" in all its glory with the full band AND the addition of Mean Wendy Dancers Martha Cooney, Claire Halberstadt, and Caroline Rhoads. We owe a special thanks to our Show Gates family, particularly our dear friend Joe Gates, the visiting singers of Vocal Motive, the intimidating improvisers of SMFers and of course Cat and Vegas and the Temple of Boom.  

After the Friday night show, production continued at Wendy's South Philadelphia home where the mockumentary/rockumentary interviews were staged. On Saturday morning, we had several of our Philly comedian friends join the project as special guest stars. We can't wait for you to see their hilarious additions to what has become quite the fun project. We owe many thanks to Jacque Baker, Emma Needleman, Dan Rich, Matt Schmid, Ben Shelley, Meredith Weir and Nicole Zeits.  Wendy and the Man Band filmed their bits on Saturday afternoon. Who knew Wendy's row home could be a revolving door for Philly comedians? Speaking of Philly comedians, we also owe Paul Triggiani a world of thanks for his technical assistance from afar.

So good times! Once again, we are ever-so-lucky to have hit the jackpot in working with Alyssa and Elaine from Brazen. Not only were they easy to coordinate and work with personally, but their technical skills, adaption to the performance spaces and suggestions were totally on point. Brazen would be worth a gander for anyone looking to put together a top-notch video production with clever, funny ladies. (We like them a lot.) Now onto posts-production!


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