Mean Wendy Band

The Mean Wendy Band is a folk-rock-do-wap-a-cappella-ragtime-sing-a-long comedy group fronted by song-writer and singer, Wendy Lenhart. She is accompanied, as always, by her trusty Man Band of Ryan T. Barlow, Brian Kelly, Dan Kristie and Zachary Wiseley. Together they write & perform original music.

Starting 2016 with a Sketch Hangover

What do you do with a bunch of Philly comedians who have been running around for the holidays, had a hangover/Mummers drinking day on January 1, but then feel all fresh and new by the evening of the first day of January 2016? Have a Sketch Hangover show! Our brilliant drummer Brian Kelly put together a swell little who's who of Philly sketch comedy to start 2016 through his production child, Philly Sketchfest . 17 sketch groups provided a packed audience at the Playground at the Adrienne with a little taste of everything Philly sketch. Me and the Man Band (except for poor Dan who was sick for the entire holiday) tied up the evening with a little "Mean Wendy Dance" and our newer number, "Cthulthu." Between hobnobbing with our community in the green room and playing to an appreciative audience, we'd say 2016 is starting out swimmingly. 

Make our 2016 continue in its awesomeness by coming to our next show, (our BIGGEST VENUE YET) on Saturday, February 6th at the Smyrna Opera House! We will be sharing the bill with fellow musical comedians, Hot Breakfast and Todd Chappelle. The show is brought to you by Gable Music Ventures.

Tickets can be purchased here or from the Smyrna Opera House event page.

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